Love In Action 

"As we go, we go to plant a seed, A seed of possibility and a seed of hope and one of change through love"

Why does the Ministry exist? 
The aim of the project is to bring hope to the hopeless, love to the lonely and peace to their hearts.
Who we help
We support and help young girls who have been either raped or abused and found themselves pregnant, usually rejected by their families and have nowhere to stay.
How we help - Hebron Home Care –“A Place of Refuge”
By providing them with shelter, food and individual attention through personal care and love, they are encouraged to develop skills to sustain themselves and their children. We help them to re-build their lives in a happy, peaceful and secure environment. Introduce them to Jesus.
The Widows Project
We provide practical support, which includes the repair of existing homes, help to plant vegetable patches. Weekly home visits are made to the isolated Grandmothers, providing food when necessary.
The families Love in Action support are families, which are often unseen, unsought and their futures uncertain. I know our mission is no small task, but equally I believe that with my passion and commitment with my Husband and some wonderful supportive friends in the UK we can make things happen, change lives for the better, and help them see how much they are truly capable of achieving and I know with God nothing is impossible.
Contact – Julie Mellor

Telephone: 079888 75571